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Electrical Considerations For A Modern Property Renovation

Electrical Considerations For A Modern Property Renovation
Undertaking a property refurbishment is a challenging feat that requires considering a number of different factors.  While it may be tempting to focus on more visible aspects of renovation such as aesthetics and design, electrical considerations should not be neglected.
Failing to take this critical component into account could result in costly and potentially dangerous issues later down the road.  Today we will discuss the top electrical considerations to keep in mind when renovating a property.

Upgrading Wiring

One of the most important considerations is upgrading the electrical wiring, an essential part of any property renovation.  This is especially critical when refurbishing an older property, as the wiring network may be outdated or damaged, posing a serious safety risk and increasing the likelihood of electrical fires.
It is crucial to replace any old or faulty wiring and install a new network that adheres to the latest electrical standards and regulations.  Modern wiring not only ensures safety with its PVCu coating, but it is also more equipped to support the ever-increasing load of electrical devices and appliances.

Additional Electrical Outlets

In today’s modern world, it has never been more important to consider electrical outlets when renovating a contemporary home.  Modern homes should be able to accommodate the growing number of electronic devices with a sufficient number of outlets and USB ports installed around the home.
When undertaking a property refurbishment, it is worth considering installing additional outlets throughout the home, particularly in areas such as the home office, kitchens and bedrooms, where it is likely that multiple appliances will frequently be used at once.  A benefit of adding additional outlets is that it lowers the risk of overloading circuits with multiple extension cords and power strips, creating a safer living environment where residents can access and charge their devices with ease.

Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

The installation of energy efficient lighting is a smart investment for any property renovation.  At a time when it is more important than ever to minimise our impact on the environment, it makes sense to plan your lighting layout around energy efficiency alongside aesthetics and functionality.
LED lights make an efficient alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs.  Their longer lifespan reduces the frequency of replacements, and they can significantly lower both energy consumption and the cost of electrical bills.  Energy efficient lighting can also be integrated with smart home systems, making it a convenient addition to the modern home.

Ensuring Electrical Compliance

Every refurbishment project needs to abide by electrical compliance regulations, so it is essential to do your research into the standards set by local building codes.  Ensuring the project meets these regulations is critical for both the safety and legality of the renovation.
It is highly recommended to hire a qualified electrician to carry out all the electrical work required for the refurbishment.  An electrician will ensure that all upgrades and installations comply with local building codes, as well as guaranteeing the safety of the residents while completing the work.  Hiring an electrician also means that you are protected from potential legal issues and saves you from costly fines.

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